Saturday, June 6, 2009

Who says you can't teach your spouse anything?

Sure, I've heard the stories before, don't try and teach your husband or wife anything. Too many emotions in play, territory at stake, past grievances etc. etc.

Still, I thought I'd try teaching my wife a little navigation on our first sailing trip together, and it worked amazingly well. One afternoon we had quite a tricky harbor approach with confusing marks and some nasty bars, but I sent her to the wheel and indicated the lights and buoys as we worked our way in.

On our way back out a few days later, she again took the wheel, and when I tried to point out the marks in some of the more difficult spots, I found that the navigation lesson had already taken. Without so much as lifting her gaze from the channel ahead, she coolly said, "I brought this [fine] boat in and I can [jolly] well bring it back out again!"

Isn't it wonderful to work with a fast learner?

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